Joe Issa Congratulates Miss Jamaica, Calls For Greater Socialization and Monetization of Jamaican Talent

Civic-minded business leader Joe Issa congratulates Dr. Sanneta Myrie for placing in the top five of the Miss World contest on December 19, 2015 in China and calls for greater socialization and monetization of such awards here and oversea for greater all-round prosperity of the country.

“Dr. Myrie demonstrates yet again the immense brand that Jamaica is, that out of over a 100 contestants she would emerge in the top five…the last time we were fourth in the Miss World contest.

“I think it is a great feat at any level, including the Olympics and she should be applauded and assisted in socializing and monetizing the achievement for greater personal and societal gain,” says Issa, who famously supports local and international beauty pageants.

Stating that she should he invited to speak in all levels of education establishments, Issa says, “Her experience will benefit at-risk youth in particular, in whom lay a reservoir of talents looking to be channeled into positive goal oriented activities.”

IMG_0782Only recently Issa praised another young Jamaican businesswoman Valrie Grant for copping the 2015 Commonwealth Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award out of 53 countries across five continents.

Issa, who is a multi-award winner in his own right, including ‘Young Hotelier of the World said then, “I am very impressed with the young lady’s innovation, tenacity, and just plain good-nature.”

Positing that all great feats achieved by Jamaicans should be made to impact the youth in a positive way, Issa says that like Dr. Myrie, Ms Grant should be assisted in her various roles in several organizations empowering young women.

One of Grant’s winning ways was the fact that she “supports other female entrepreneurs, helping them to see how they, too, can strive to be better.”

Issa has in the past endorsed international beauty pageants as perfect opportunities for contestants to market their respective country, showcasing it as the place of choice to visit, invest and live. The pageants include Miss Caribbean Queen International World Beauty Pageant which Jamaica has won, Miss Universe and Miss World which the country has twice won.

Noting that the Miss Caribbean show was being held here for the first time Issa said, “I thought this needed to be encouraged and supported, especially as host nation it a tremendous opportunity to showcase the entire country; so I opted to host the contestants for four days at SuperClubs Breezes, to expose them to Jamaica’s beauty and hospitality.

Issa said that in the process not only Jamaica and SuperClubs had benefited, but also the contestants through the camaraderie experienced from being together and enjoying themselves as a family, which made them better human beings and more tolerant of each other.





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  1. Jamaicans laud Miss Jamaica for placing third in Miss World Talent contest
    December 14, 2015

    Miss Jamaica World, Dr. Sanneta Myrie presenting her piece titled “Exodus” at the Miss World Talent contest. The piece was choreographed by the Quilt Performing Arts Company.
    Dr. Sanneta Myrie or Miss Jamaica World 2015 proved to the world that she is not only trained in the medicinal arts but that she is also a true performing artiste.

    The 24-year-old danced her way into third place in the Miss World Talent contest in Sanya, China just hours ago.

  2. Johnathan Sprat

    A Glimpse into the Social Life of Business Tycoon Joseph Issa

  3. A Glimpse into the Social Life of Business Tycoon Joseph Issa

  4. Under the agreement, to be completed by the year-end, Cool Petroleum Holdings will purchase Shell’s retail, commercial fuel, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas and chemicals businesses, and the main distribution depot at Rockfort in Kingston, the company disclosed in a press statement yesterday.

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  6. “I’m at the National Chest Hospital (NHC) in upscale Barbican where the lawns are mowed almost daily, the breeze is fresh and clean, the floor and toilets cleaned four times a day, medication is fairly adequate with some shortages of course, the staff is efficient, professional and caring, and meals are plentiful and served three times a day with good dietary foods, albeit tasteless, as hospital food goes, all under a relatively spacious facility.

  7. Shirlock Hemmings

    Joe Issa is no stranger to defending the value of well-gotten gains and emphasizing the richness of living a good, clean life; after all he was living it long before the term ‘healthy lifestyle’ became popular; and he promoted it through the sponsorship and organization of sporting and other community activities for children, young people, and adults.

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