joey-issaThe founder of the Cool Group of Companies, Joseph J. Issa has devoted his life to improving the Jamaican economy and ensuring the continued economic growth of his company. Through Cool, Joseph J. Issa has holdings in a variety of different industries, from oil to network marketing, and has produced hundreds of new jobs for individuals in Jamaica and abroad. He began his working career in the hotel industry by working for his family’s resorts, SuperClubs.

Starting as a Purchasing Manager, he later became Resident Manager and finally, Executive Vice President of Operations, Sales, and Marketing. He earned recognition as Young Hotelier of the World in 1994 through the International Hotel Association and the Jamaica Observer called him the “Brightest Spark” in tourism. Joesph J. Issa capitalized on the business experience he gained in the hotel industry to build the Cool Group of Companies from the ground up. Cool has become an internationally recognized brand due to his business acumen.

Throughout his career, Joey Issa has demonstrated a thorough understanding of how best to market a product. He created a number of memorable campaigns for SuperClubs and his efforts received much international attention.

Joe Issa attended Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, graduating at the top of his class with a degree in Economics and Accounting. He became the first foreign student majoring in Economics/Accounting to graduate from the college as valedictorian. Committed to education, he has worked hard to improve educational opportunities in Jamaica and other Caribbean nations through a variety of initiatives, including the Educate the Children Fund, which he personally established.

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