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Joe Issa Welcomes Fellow Campionites to Hall of Fame

2005 inductee into the prestigious Campion College Hall of Fame Joe Issa has congratulated fellow Campionites, well-known economist Dr. Damien King and businessman Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Matalon, who were both recently inducted.

Said to have produced many of the islands leaders in their field, Campion College, like the music and movie industries do for their very best, awards them the ultimate honour of a place in its Hall of Fame.


Joey Issa

In an interview with Issa, who has also won the enviable Head Master’s Cup at Campion College and the national award, CD, for business and philanthropy, he congratulated the new inductees and said it is the dream of every Campionite to make it to the hall of fame.

“I’d like to congratulate Dr. King and Mr. Matalon; they’ve work hard in their respective field and therefore, deserve the recognition…it’s a great honour to be recognized that way… they must feel quite happy,” says Issa, who should know that feeling, having experienced it firsthand.

He adds: “It’s the dream of all Campionites to live to see their name in the hall of fame, even though we all know that only a very few will make it there, and I am happy and fortunate to be among that few, just as Dr. King and Mr. Matalon must be feeling now,” says Issa, the Cool Corp executive chairman who was more than a decade behind the class of the newest inductees.

Receiving the honour in 2005, along with Issa, was his cousin Chris Issa, also for Business; Kathryn Stewart, for Alumni Service; Peter Espeut, for Environment; Doctors Natalie Dickson and Howard Cooke for Science; and Wayne Burrowes for Sport.

Former DB&G business trio, Christopher Dehring, Peter Bunting and Mark Golding are still the only inductees under the Group Award – Business and Public Service – since 2009.

Since starting in 1998, when William Shagoury for Alumni Service and Cathi Levy for Arts were inducted, the Campion College Hall of Fame event has been held every other year, with some 31 former students honoured under eight categories, including seven for Business – the most in any category.

Any member of the alumni can be nominated by any past student of Campion College in any of the categories. The nominations are reviewed by a panel which includes members of the Association’s executive and senior representatives of the school, according to Campion’s website.