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What are People saying About Joe Issa That Makes Him Really Cool?

Joe Issa may have been congratulated more times than can be counted, for churning out high grades and winning the Head Masters Cup at Campion College, and creating history at university.

And if you think that’s a lot, you haven’t heard anything yet; wait for what tourism industry professionals were saying and the array to awards he was receiving when he started working with his father.IMG_0433

Better still, you should hear what is being said of him as one of Jamaica’s foremost philanthropist. The praises continued to flow when he started giving back by founding his first charity in the UK, another when he returned home, and yet another soon after.

And still better, is what people are saying today about one of the country’s newest and most innovative entrepreneurs who, within 15 years, had grown his Cool brand from one, to a Group of over 50 individually branded companies, serving a variety of clients.

Receiving one award after another Issa leaves everyone in awe, including the very people whose lives he has touched, such as his Cool Biz clients.

It was for the specific purpose of creating thousands of indirect jobs that Issa founded Cool Biz, which supplies clients and affiliates from its well-stock warehouse with a wide range of grocery items and phone credit to sell.

Powel is one such person who came on board after he encountered difficulties paying all his bills. This is what he had to say about the innovative way Issa went about giving him and others an alternative source of income.

“I tried out Cool Biz and I have been selling credit to my schoolmates and family members ever since. I signed up some of my teachers and had them to buy the tissue and soap and juice for their kids. It’s really Cool,” he said.

Powel noted that he doesn’t have a huge business yet, but said “right now on a month-end I don’t have to run to mom and dad for money to buy my little girlie stuff. I have a brand new phone and I am saving a little. I encourage my friends to sign up because it’s really Cool.

Davis, who also joined Cool Biz said, “Work was slow in my neighbourhood and folks were looking for a way to earn extra. I signed up five new affiliates in four weeks and they are still selling in their own network of friends, neighbours and family.”

“They are happy. I’m happy. Other business I know could not have given us this opportunity. I’m building the business one person at a time…thanks to the boss Joe Issa,” he said.


Joey Issa Offers High Five Congratulations

324a- A high five congratulation - Hedo News -  March 1997 Joe Joey Joseph Issa JamaicaPhoto Caption: A high five congratulation being offered Carlton by VP, Finance, Joey Issa as VP Operations Jag Mehta and VP HRD, Noel Brown wait their turn to offer congrats.

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